Расшифровка пост кодов биос AMI

POST карты
0 Code copying to specific areas is done/Passing control to INT 19h boot loader next.
3 Disable NMI, PIE, AIE, UEI, SQThe NMI is disabled. Next, checking for a soft reset or a power on condition
5 The BIOS stack has been built. Next, disabling cache mamory.
6 Uncompressing the POST code next.
7 Next, initializing the CPU data area
8 The CMOS checksum calculation is
10 Test DMA The keyboard controller command byte is written. Next, issuing the Pin 23 and 24 Blocking and unblocking command
11 Next, checking if «End» or «Ins» keys were pressed during power on. Initializing CMOS RAM in every boot AMIBIOS POST option was set in AMIBCP or the «End» key was pressed
12 Next, disabling DMA controllers 1 and 2 and interrupt controllers 1 and 2
13 The video display has been disabled. Port B has been initialized. Next, initializing the chipset
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